mercredi 3 octobre 2018


New and interesting in the garden this year....

'Ting buttons'  Spilanthes
 The leaves are an interesting peppery buzz to add to salads, and the flowers are a taste explosion to entertain visitors with!

Achocha, 'stuffing cucumber' Cyclanthera pedata  Still growing on its vine, as yet untasted.

  Two new salad leaves, Houttuynia cordata , &  Vietnamise coriander, Polygonum odoratum, perfumed and peppery additions to salads.



 Cucumelon. Melothria scabra
Bite sized cucmber crunchy salad crop, growing on a delicate vine....I thought I'd lost all to the slugs in the spring, but a few made it through.

Another climber, a type of peanut...not sure of its latin name, or whether it will manage to complete seed development in time before frosts?

Tomatillos in the the polytunnel....having tasted them last year,
wanted to produce more. Again, despite early planting, fruiting is
relatively late, definitely needing frost protection.

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