lundi 5 mars 2018

Fresh air!

What a joy to open doors and windows again, letting in sunshine and a breath of spring!
Just a few days ago, everything was frozen under the coldest 24 hours of winter (-14°C with wind chill), the coldest for the last 5 years.
 Hopefully there has been enough chill days that the fruit trees will be productive again after 2 years 'rest' (and the destructive late frosts).
One plucky daffodil started to flower mid Feb, and just about survived the freeze to bloom for 1st March...with this flush of warmth, many others will soon follow.
Wild colchique crocusses started flowering mid-Jan, overtaking the snowdrops....a few have re-started to flower in this clement thaw.
Time to get sowing again, clean windows and clear the lawns of logs and cuttings that can hang about for months.
Cats unpeel themselves from the wood-burner and sun on the windowledges

Juan 'mowing' the poor lemon grass!

winter ruff against Siberian chill!

After more than 30 years of gardening, the bird-song signs of spring awakening are still as inspiring and re-energising to this empassioned gardener as in childhood days with promise of new season adventure and activity.

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