samedi 15 avril 2017

Arch Encounter!

An archery workshop to discover the art of the bow.

Using specific physical exercises you can develop awareness of your stance in relation to the bow and enhance your perception of  'here & now'. Anchoring breathwork is used to help realise one's capacity for release, for letting go.

Accompanied by archery tradition, ritual  and histories, you can immerse yourself with all senses into the world of the an exceptional place of nature's stillness and calm.

No previous experience necessary.

16th to 19th August     Beginning 9;30am (about 6 hours a day)

Maximum group size 8;

Price: 210€      (30€ reduction for bookings confirmed before 30/6/17)
Hire of equipement 25€

Accommodation in Le Blé:      room & meals           44€/day       160€ for 4 days
                                                  camping & meals      38€/day       140€ for 4 days

Arrival possible from 15th Aug, and to prolong stay in Le Blé.

Individual archery sessions possible up to 25th Aug.

Teacher: Cornelia Baumgart has been learning and teaching intuitive archery, connecting it with meditation & bodywork since 2007. She studies therapeutic archery with Astrid Reis in Berlin and Switzerland. Connie also teaches dance and theatre.

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