samedi 3 juin 2017

Kitchen garden

The cottage industry is back in production, plenty of herbs to harvest, and the first fruits...may berries, strawberries. 
It's looking to be another disappointing tree fruit year, the late April frosts now showing their destructive impact. Cherries have escaped, later fruiting apples and the occasional pear tree still developing fruit. So thanks again to the wilder harvest, there are plenty of leaf plants to eat and now the profusion of elderflowers for 'champagne', cordial and herb teas. First cut of mint and lemon balm likewise for syrups & teas, exquisitely perfumed rose petals for drying and syrups-making ice-cream...

Temperatures well over 30°C in the shade, had my first swim in the river ...long time since taking the plunge in May!
Watching the progress of developing artichokes for timing the first cut. Small portions of delicious asparagus already appreciated...very satisfying to see symbolic and real seed dreams being realised. :)